Kundalini Yoga

with Dharamjeet Diana DelMonte

Kundalini Yoga is a science and tool for awakening. Through a combination of postures (asanas), breath (pranayama), mudras (hand gestures that stimulate meridians), and mantras (repetitive sound vibrations). This discipline creates a sense of well being and a heightened sense of awareness and clarity that will radiate from you and carry you throughout the day. Translating as a coiled female serpent Kundalini is the dormant energy at the base of the spine. It works on the arcline, aura, and chakras. This powerful yoga practice provides the stamina needed to break through addictions, depression, negative thoughts, and anxiety rapidly. Listen to beautiful music in Diana's classes, experience joy and alertness arising from your practice, and allow the experience to go straight to the heart.



Coming from a visual art and ballet background, Diana learned Hatha Yoga in 1986 when she moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast. She also began a Zen Buddhist meditation practice at this time taking Jukai (lay ordination) at the Kanzeonji Zen Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles in 1992 and Nyudo Tokudo (zen monk vows) in 2020. Since 1991 she has adhered to a vegan diet and lifestyle out of compassion for animals.


Through the years Diana has trained in and attended Vipassana and Tibetan Buddhist meditation retreats, and studied with many teachers including Ken McLoud and Noah Levine. A spiritual activist and animal advocate, Diana lives her life in the practice of Ahimsa, a Buddhist doctrine of refraining from harming any living being.


Years later she fell in love with the joy that Kundalini Yoga brings, and in 2010 she trained at GoldenBridge Yoga in Los Angeles with Master teachers Gurmukh, Gurushabd, Teg, and Harijiwan and received Level 1 Certification as a Kundalini yoga instructor through the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), attaining her spiritual name Dharamjeet.


Diana loves animals and also works as an Animal Communicator helping animals and their people internationally. She is a remote viewer, dowser, and healer. Authoring two books and the Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle deck, Diana aspires to uplift others through her writing and yoga practice and to be more loving to all living beings. She lives with three Zen Masters–her felines-who guide and keep her on track. 

Grateful to animals, yoga, and meditation practice, all of which have opened her heart and changed her life in profound ways, Diana hopes to now share the teachings and blessings of Kundalini yoga with everyone.


Every class begins with the Adi Mantra:


which means:

I bow to the Creative Intelligence

I bow to the wisdom within.

We begin a class with warm-ups. Then we practice a Kriya - a set of exercises that include yoga asanas, mantras, mudras, and breathing techniques. Every set is designed to bring about a specific result. Every class is different. Every class is unique and exciting.


A class usually includes a specific corresponding Kundalini meditation that may also incorporate the recitation of a mantra, combined with a mudra, or hand gesture.


Every mantra has a vibrational frequency that brings about peace and raises consciousness as well as having physical benefits.


Every mudra stimulates specific meridians in the body that lock and guide the energy flow and reflexes to the brain. The hand, like the foot, is the energy map of our consciousness and our health.

Praanayam. breath exercises have numerous effects on the body and mind. Detoxing, energizing and relaxing, the body and mind, and controlling our emotions and thoughts are a few of many benefits.


We end our class with the traditional Long Time Sunshine Song.


And conclude with the mantra Sat Nam

Truth is my Identity


My truth meets your truth as one.


This unique class combines traditional Kundalini practice with Spirit Wisdom readings from The Spirit Wisdom Animal Oracle. We'll consider the wisdom teaching from a Spirit Animal as we clear blockages in the chakras with exercises and Kundalini meditations. 

Every class is different, so I invite you to explore, get a good taste, and experience the energetic benefits for yourself with complimentary classes.


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Classes are every Friday

 9:00 am PST

Class is 90 minutes

woman hands in yoga symbolic gesture mud
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During class, I felt powerful energy emanating from my face and chest, and it was hard to bring my hands into Prayer Pose at the end of class because I still felt this energy blossoming from my heart center.

--- Kelsang Chitta Karuna

I feel anxious most of the time but during the kriya this morning, I felt the anxiety wafting off my shoulders. Now I feel so grounded and safe.                                             

---  K. Martinez   


Diana's Spiritual Names

Dharamjeet Kaur

Diana’s yoga name, was given to her during her Kundalini training. The name means princess/lioness of God whose personal victory to overcome all challenges in life is experienced when she vibrates in harmony with the path of righteousness.



Diana’s Zen Buddhist name was given to her by Reverend Watanabe Osho at ordination. The name means white light. 


The purpose of spiritual names is to nurture our spiritual development so that we can aspire to and grow into the meaning of the names. Spiritual names carry a high vibrational frequency.


About Reiki and Healing

You don't have to be ill to benefit from an energetic healing. A healing can balance and clear any blockages you may have in your body, and help the energy in the body to flow unhindered again; thus, facilitating physical healing. A healing may also help alleviate depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress. 


An energetic healing also works to clear the auric field, and energy fields around the body where negativity can become trapped, and where illness first manifests.


Initially, a body scan is done beforehand, remotely, if requested. Before the healing Dharamjeet will do an emotional assessment to see what emotional center is off balance and contributing to the cause of the mental or physical issue. After a chakra and auric cleansing which releases blockages and stuck energy, the healing becomes focused on the specific ailment or condition.


Healing for animals is done in the same way. Healing is especially beneficial when an animal is near death, as it helps to facilitate a peaceful, relaxed exit from the physical body. 


Dharamjeet uses sound (gongs and bells), aromatherapy, and music to take you into a deep, relaxed state. When we are fully relaxed, in the state of surrender, love, and acceptance, and in-tune with our bodies, healing can begin on multiple levels. 


Dharamjeet integrates healing modalities depending on the emotional or physical issue on hand. During deep, meditative states, images may also arise that might point to the underlying she sometimes receives images that may point to the emotional cause of the person's present condition.


For distance healing, Dharamjeet will email you a complimentary guided healing meditation audio recording for you to listen to. This helps to fully relax your body and mind prior to the healing. During Dharamjeet's guided meditation, you will fill your body with light, send this light to specific areas that need physical or emotional healing, and also send this light outward to others, as you mentally repeat affirmations. Afterward, while you are still resting in this meditative state, Dharamjeet will be sending the healing to you. 


While you were doing Reiki I felt a pulsating in my (injured) arm. Each time the pulsating seemed to rise and get very intense, as though you were bringing the pain to the surface and sucking it out. This went on for a while. After you stopped the treatment, the pain was gone. I have never felt anything like this before. You have a powerful gift. You are a healer.                                                                               

Giorgio Calevaro 
                                                                                          Venice, CA


A healing session is one hour.

To schedule a healing or read more testimonials see Diana's animal website: http://www.dianadelmonte.com/rates

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Dharamjeet is a Reiki Master/teacher, a certified Quantum Touch practitioner, Remote Viewer, trained by David Moorehouse, and spiritual healer, initiated in the Andean Tradition of Peru. Diana apprenticed and worked with Jude Unegbu, West African healer and shaman at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore and the Aetherius Society in Hollywood.

Dharamjeet also provides space-clearing and cleansings for businesses and residences. 



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